Just Another Manic Monday

I was up half an hour before my alarm because I didn’t get to sleep well last night so my phone buzzing with a text, which I would normally sleep through, woke me. It was Steven who was wigging because Katie was two minutes late. When I got to work I told him the next time he contacts me prior to my alarm the studio had better be on fire and he better have called Dana, our Chief Engineer, first. Other than that it was a typical crazy morning at work. No live reporter but we did have two live in studio interviews, one with a pug who was just too adorable. I also confirmed that the lighting engineer is coming on Saturday so I get to go in on Saturday and help deal with that. I went to Subway for lunch with my parents before my dad headed back home. My mom and I spent the afternoon watching Five-0 as usual. I got quite a bit of knitting done and I played a little RuneScape and finished another quest. Well I have to get to bed. Tomorrow’s another day, the news never sleeps, and the show can’t go on without the director! 😉


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