A Beauty-ful Sunday

Well the weekend is drawing to a close but I’m smiling. I got up this morning and played some RuneScape and managed to complete that quest I was getting tripped up on yesterday. The experience rewards boosted some of my levels to the point where I have the requirements for some more quests so I’m happy about that. My dad arrived and he, my mom, and I went out for breakfast. We came back to the apartment for a bit and then we headed out to the movie theatre to see Beauty and the Beast. The showtime we had wanted was sold out but we were able to get tickets and get seated right away for the next showing. The movie was fantastic. Emma Watson is amazing. After the movie we went to Applebee’s for dinner and I had steak and garlic mashed potatoes. While at dinner my mom asked if I’d heard anything recently from my friend Kyle who was the director before me. After dinner we came back to the apartment and I jumped in the shower. I got out and lo and behold I had a message from Kyle waiting for me. I swear sometimes it’s like my mom has ESP.

Well, seeing as I have to be at work at 2 AM I had better get to bed.


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